Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Job Interview

How you perform in a job interview is a preview of how you will perform on the job. Below are a few helpful suggestions that will make you shine!

1.Plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your interview.  You may want to do a test run to figure out traffic, parking and walking distance to the reception area.  If you arrive ‘on time’ you are really late, make sure you are greeting the receptionist 5-7 before your scheduled interview.

2. Smile 75%– 80% of all hiring decisions are based on personality, so smile and be enthusiastic regardless of how you feel that day.  We recommend listening to your favorite song just before you walk in to make sure you’re energetic and enthusiastic.

3.Everyone you encounter is interviewing you. Be gracious and respectful with everyone you meet, which includes drivers on the road, the receptionist, the interviewer and everyone in between.

4.No Cell Phones:  Leave your phone in the car or power it off before you walk in the building.

5.Eye Contact Be sure to keep your gaze on the interviewer so show confidence and sincerity.

6.Etiquette & Body Language Take a seat after the interviewer offers you a chair. Do not take drinks with you. Avoid pencil tapping, pen clicking, foot swinging, and other nervous habits.

7.Personal Information Limit the amount of personal information you provide, unless pertinent for the job. Be careful to keep it simple and limit personal information such as religious affiliation or political beliefs.

8.Past Employment Do not speak negatively about former employers, their management style, or financial status.

9.Strengths and weaknesses Are ready to provide answers to both your strengths and weaknesses. Try to make the weakness into a positive one.

10.Be Prepared to Ask Questions.  This is best done by reading their website and reviewing the interviewer’s profile on linked in.  Suggested questions include: What are the most important criteria for being successful at this position?  What qualities do your best employees have? What was on my resume that caught your attention for this role?

11.Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time.

For more information on improving interview skills or on your next position, contact us.