Can Social Media Affect Your Chances of Landing A Job?

There’s no question social media in the recent years has become a huge phenomenon in our generation. Over 70% of the United States population uses some form of social media platform. However, can it really hinder you from landing a job or putting food on the table? The short answer is, of course! Some recruiting experts stated; “You can tell more about a candidate from their social media accounts than from a resume.” Why is that, you may ask? People are no longer watching the news; they’re scrolling through their news feed. We put our entire lives online, the good and unfortunately the bad.

60% of employers use social media to determine whether a candidate will be a good fit for there organization. Social Media has saved hiring managers time and money. It gives them a chance to see who you really are outside of your pitch perfect resume.  You may wonder, “what really is the impact of social media on the hiring process, they can’t be looking at everyone’s accounts?” Well a recent study surveyed over 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals, determining 51% of employers who do take the time to search up candidates have not hired based on content they’ve posted. What are a few determining factors on why candidates don’t get hired:

  • The Candidate posting inappropriate or provocative pictures or content (46%)
  • Evidence of drinking or drug use (41%)
  • Discriminatory Posts (21%)
  • Inappropriate screen names (21%)

The entire purpose of social media, aside from business, is to open communication between individuals, sharing views and discussing opinions. You may not care about what other people think of you, however hopefully you’ll be a bit more selective on the content you are producing. Knowing a potential employer may be watching. Now there are some huge upsides to social media that could positively impact you. In the same study they found some additional information. Below are some reasons a hiring manager would consider a candidate for a position:

  • Their profile conveys a professional image. (43%)
  • Seems like a great match for company culture (46%)
  • Candidate seems to be well rounded (40%)

You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn to propel you forward into landing an amazing position. Just know you’re one Social Media search away from a hiring manager passing judgement on your qualifications based on your profiles. The good news is your in control and there’s no question if social media can affect your ability to land your dream job. So, choose your posts wisely!