2 Visa Programs that can help businesses solve their staffing needs.

H2A Visa 
The H2A visa is for individuals who will be employed as temporary, seasonal farm workers.

Foreign agricultural workers (field workers, crop pickers, farm laborers) who will work for US companies to provide labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature. The employers who most often use H2A visas are: farms, orchards, fruit growers, vegetable growers, tree nurseries, forestry.

H2B Visa
The most common industries are: landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction (including: painting/roofing/framing/drywall), restaurant/hospitality, maintenance, golf, manufacturing, processing, and other specialty services businesses.

What you need to know:

  • They will need transportation and housing. However, you can deduct the rent from their paycheck.
  • The contract can be for 6 month to 10 month.
  • You can apply for this type of permission twice a year in January and Oct. However, the government from these Countries have special permission to have 6,500 extra visas since we need workers in this country.