Top 5 Safety Tips for Warehouse Employees

  1. Spills and General Cleaning

It may seem simple, but trips, slips, and falls can be prevented with basic tidiness. All cord should be stowed or taped down, and any rugs need to be completely secure around the edges. When you’re in a warehouse setting, it’s essential to act on spills as soon as they occur. Whether someone knocked over their soda or you’re seeing a gallon drum leak, act fast. Mop it up and dry the area, or contact the proper person if the spill involves hazardous waste.

  1. Overall Organization

In the most successful companies, sloppy shelving won’t cut it. Major operations pay thousands to utilize or develop their own system to keep products and equipment organized. Whether you want to purchase a scanning system or mark items by hand, ensure your warehouse has a cohesive method of organization that every worker maintains.

  1. Proper Training

Arguably the most important aspect of warehouse safety is keeping your workers safe, which means having a fully trained staff at all times. Ensure a comprehensive safety procedure rundown goes along with every new hire training session. Additionally, host regular reviews and update trainings accordingly to keep employee knowledge fresh. OSHA’s website offers refresher courses and basic info for your workers, so take advantage of these resources as well.

  1. Build a Barrier

Authorized personnel only: sometimes that’s not enough. Many will not notice a sign that pertains to them or ignore a potentially hazardous situation. This is why we recommend installing barriers or gates to guard protected areas. This also saves workers from themselves – if you shouldn’t have access, you won’t be able to get through.

  1. Updated Machinery

One way to improve the safety of your warehouse is to ensure all equipment and machinery are secure and fully functional. It can be easy to overlook a damaged machine or outdated equipment to cut costs, but it can hurt your efficiency in the long run. Schedule regular maintenance and update any important equipment.